Fair Trade

One of the three manufacturing facilities of Fashion Accessories is certified by Fair Trade USA. As per our policies, 0.5% of our sales of one of the brands manufactured in the Fair Trade Approved factory go towards the welfare of our workers. Upon the processing of every invoice, funds are directly transferred to the worker’s society.

Women Empowerment

We at Fashion Accessories stand firm against the wage gap. Our women workers receive equal remuneration as their male counterparts; receive equal benefits, treatment, and evaluation of the quality of their work. An entire sewing section in our factories is managed exclusively by women. Employees – both men and women – hail from various Indian states and all agree that equal opportunity for men and women are one of our firmest strongholds.

Scholarship Program

Our factory workers’ children are entitled to scholarships on an exclusively merit basis. We strive to fund deserving children all the way to their graduation.

HERFinance Project

Our low-income female employees benefit from the company’s association with the HERFinance initiative of the HERProject, an initiative of the BSR Group that brings together MNCs, their suppliers and local NGOs to empower low-income women. An international venture that involves participation by brands such as M&S, H&M, Walt Disney Co. WSI, and CISCO, HERFinance strives to build the financial capacity of low-income women employees in global supply chains by delivering workplace based financial education programs and connecting factory workers to appropriate financial services.

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