Mrs. Chandrika Thatai

A science postgraduate from Delhi, Mrs. Chandrika Thatai hailed from a fairly affluent family based in Delhi. Her father was a doctor while her mother was a housewife. She always wanted to pursue medicine as a profession, taking after her father, but her circumstances got her married to a prominent textile entrepreneur, Anoop Thatai. Mrs. Thatai has two children after her marriage, and once the initial hectic stupor of raising a pair of toddlers, she decided to embark upon a career in textiles.

Mrs. Chandrika Thatai got herself a degree from NIFT with flying colours and proceeded to start her own business in textiles. She started humbly with only a friend for support, whose garage they based their business in. This was the year 2000, and they created a complete range of cotton bags, belts, and highly embellished accessories aimed at the UK and the EU market. The venture was an immediate and dazzling success, and she was soon joined thereafter by her husband Anoop. Anoop, who was already established in the textile market, brought her in contact with some of the top designers in the industry. After suffering a setback when her friend (who she founded her company with) left the business for personal reasons, she expanded her bag business to cover pillows. It was 2003 now and they were still working from the garage and spending hours of tireless labour designing pillows for their clients. The pillows sold like hot cakes and the profits enabled them to proceed to the furnishing line. They were able to move to a bigger facility and Mrs. Thatai was able to realise her full passion for design.

From there on, Mrs. Thatai never had to look back. She worked on Duves as the pillow line sold at a mind blowing rate in the USA. She recalls acquisitioning 2000 yards of silk fabric, following which her husband, overwhelmed at her initiative, expanded the business further. She exclaims “the bags became pillows and the pillows exploded into bedding!”

Today, Mrs. Thatai has an aggressively expanding business of bags, beddings, and pillows. Hers is an awe-inspiring story of a humble housewife who dared to look beyond her front door and managed to touch the sky.


We are a small team consisting of young and motivated professionals working under the guidance of Ms.Thatai.Our team, is focused and stays on top of the kaleidoscopic trends in the fashion and lifestyle industry. We strive to combine the upcoming trends with our illustrative, technical and creative know-how to develop products that our clients and their customers find pleasant, popular and distinctive. We believe in developing customized ranges of products for each season highly focused on customer demographic.